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FreshStart Church is a body of believers passionate about the nations of the world. We are also committed to sending many of our members - young and old alike - on short-term mission projects all over the world. We have a solid commitment to support missions with our prayers, our energy, our encouragement, and our finances.

Presently FreshStart Church supports 45 missionaries and 19 missions agencies with prayer and financial support. The first Sunday of every month is targeted as Missions Sunday. This is the day that God's people are encouraged to bring their missions offerings to fulfill the commitment to support the "sent" ones.

We have a committed purpose to:

  • Establish a consistent line of communication between our missionaries and our church.

  • Act as a prayer covering for our missionaries.

  • Evaluate and set up new relationships with missionaries.

FreshStart Church has continually supported missionaries and missionary agencies throughout its history. Missionaries come to share the vision that God has given them to reach the lost. Through this process, the people "catch" the vision and capitalize on the opportunity to support the vision of reaching unsaved people throughout the world by giving to and praying for missionaries.

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