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  Invade Ministries is the youth & young adults ministry of Fresh Start Church. We are filled with vibrant, passionate, creative people focused on
experiencing revival and making disciples. Invade has a firm foundation in the word of God and is committed to proclaiming its truth. Our pastors desire is to not only build the kingdom of God but raise a generation of mighty worshipers, intercessors, and revivalist!

Join us at our upcoming
Awakening Night 
July 21st @6pm 

 Awakening is a once a month gathering of youth and young adults for the sole purpose of worshiping Jesus and invading a dark world with the light that lives inside of them. Webster defines Awakening as an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. We believe that through these powerful nights we will see a generation come to know there creator and be launched into their destiny.

Awakening nights are the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6 pm.

We believe that the Lord has CHOSEN, CALLED, SET APART this generation to carry God's Presence and SPEAK His words!  


We are called to speak the words that will bring GLORY to His name, AWAKENING to a generation and SILENCE the enemy!

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